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2014 Training Course of Prevention Technology for Earthquakes and Geological DisastersJune 30, 2014


This International Training Seminar of Prevention Technology for Earthquakes and Geological Disasters, jointly sponsored by International Consortium on Geo-disasters Reduction (ICGdR) and China Institute of Disaster Prevention (CIDP), is to be held in Beijing, China. This training course aims at publicizing and promoting prevention technology for earthquakes and geological disasters as well as the cultivation of talented and promising young teachers and postgraduate students. Also, it is to help enhance the experience sharing and academic exchanging of disaster prevention technology among countries. The theme of this training seminar is “Earthquake disaster, geological disaster and disaster response”. It is the first time for ICGdR to hold an international training course in Beijing. We have invited many well-known experts to give keynote speeches and lectures which cover many practitioners’ knowledge as well as new ideas and techniques. We are firmly convinced that all the attendants will throw themselves into this seminar. We are deeply looking forward to your attendance.

2.Eligibility & Participation

  • 2.1The maximum number of participants is 40, including 20-25 domestic and 10-15 international participants.
  • 2.2Eligible to participate is all professionals or students who are either working on or interested in prevention knowledge and technology for earthquakes and geological disasters.
  • 2.3Once the number of applicants exceeds 40, the final decision for participants will be made according to the qualifications and registration time of applicants.

3.Financial Assistance

  • 3.1The room and board and transportation fare will be partially supported.
  • 3.2The total number for participants with financial support is 10, including 1 domestic and 9 international participants.
  • 3.3Those participants from developing countries with no incomes will also be supported. However, the receivers are limited to 1 or 2 for applicants from the same country. The qualifications of applicant with financial support will be determined by the committee and announced before August 15, 2014.

4.Organization Committee

Head of committee:
Prof. Jingshan BO, Prof. Masakatsu MIYAJIMA
Committee members:
Prof. Ranjan Kumar DAHAL, Prof. Xun GUO, Prof. Tonglu LI, Prof. Chunping LIU, Prof. Ko-Fei LIU, Prof. Wei SHAN, Prof. Jun SHEN, Prof. Fawu WANG, Dr. Jiyi JIANG
Contact of committee
Prof. Jun SHEN, Dr. Ping LI


Date Activities Place
Day 1 09:00-12:00 : Arrival&Payment
15:00-17:00 : Opening ceremony
19:00-20:00 : Meeting the class advisor & Self Introduction of all participants
Day 2 09:00-12:00 : Training course
14:30-17:30 : Training course
19:00-21:00 : Seminar
Day 3 09:00-12:00 : Training course
14:30-17:30 : Training course
19:00-21:00 : Seminar
Day 4 09:00-12:00 : Training course
14:00-18:00 : Seismic-geologic field trip in Xiadian
Day 5 09:00-17:00 : Training course on earthquake emergency rescue The national seismic emergent succor training site
Day 6 09:00-17:00 : Visit the Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park Tangshan
Day 7 08:00-12:00 : Seminar
15:00-16:30 : Closing ceremony


  1. Attendants who receive full financial support should arrive on the 1st day.
  2. Rule for project report: All participants are expected to give reports using theories or methods learned in this course on any real case mitigation. After presentation seminar, the Excellent Practitioner Certificate will go to the one who gives the best presentation.

6.Registration and financial support

  • 6.1Participants must pay registration fee of 700 USD which includes courses, field trip, lodging, all meals, earthquake memorial park tickets, certificates, transportation fare. The fee for one accompanying person is 300 USD including everything above except the course.
  • 6.2The fare for round-trip flight will be paid by participants themselves.
  • 6.3Deadline for application with financial support is July 20th 2014.
  • 6.4Deadline for application without financial support is July 31st 2014.
  • 6.5All payment must be given in cash of USD after arrival.


The course will be held at China Institute of Disaster Prevention which is located in Yanjiao,East of Beijing.


During the course the lodging will be arranged by the organizing committee. The hotel is Xin Anyuan Hotel.

9.Visa Information

Whoever needs help for visa application, please contact us as early as possible (1 month before departure is advised).

10.Contact Information

  • Prof. Jun SHEN
  • Institute of Disaster Prevention,
  • Economic Development Zone, East Yanjiao, Beijing, 101601, China
  • Tel: +86-10-6159-6284, or +86-138-9994-0655
  • E-mail:


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