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Geoenvironmental Disasters is an international peer-review journal with a focus on multi-disciplinary applied and fundamental research and the societal impacts related to geoenvironmental disasters triggered by various types of hazards (e.g. earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, tsunamis, intensive erosion and hydro-meteorological events).

The integrated study of Geoenvironmental Disastersis an emerging and composite field of research interfacing with areas traditionally within civil engineering, earth sciences, atmospheric sciences and the life sciences. It centers on the interactions within and between the Earth’s ground, air and water environments, all of which are affected by climate, geological and morphological processes, biological and ecological cycles, and human activities. Disasters are dynamic forces which can change the Earth pervasively, rapidly, or abruptly, and which can generate lasting effects on the natural and built environments.

The journal publishes research papers, quick reports of recent geoenvironmental disasters, review papers and technical reports of various geoenvironmental disaster-related case studies. The journal aims for rapid publication of research papers at a high scientific level. Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions.

The Journal is an open-access journal under SpringerOpen. All published articles are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers.

There are six special issues open for accepting submission now. The titles are listed in the following:

  • Geo-disasters in Loess Region
  • Himalaya Geo-disasters
  • Post Geo-disasters of 2008.5.12 Mw8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake
  • Landslide dams
  • Water-related Geoenvironmental Disasters under Influences of Climate Change and Human Activities
  • GIS-Based Hazards Mapping and Modeling for Sustainable Geoenvironment

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The journal welcomes proposals for special issues reflecting the trends in geoenvironmental disaster reductions and monothematic issues.

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