2nd International Symposium on Seismic Performance and Design of Slopes
Last Updated:2021/8/14 15:30:48

In recent decades, earthquake-induced landslides have occurred and been reported worldwide. The landslides can be catastrophic and pose immediate threats to people and properties, leading to large socio-economic losses in the affected areas. Therefore, the research on design of slope against seismic activities to effectively mitigate risks and reduce losses due to earthquake-induced landslides, has attracted more and more international attention. 

In order to bring together academic scientists, leading engineers, and students to exchange and share their experiences and research results, the International Symposium on Seismic Performance and Design of Slopes (ISSPDS) is organized.  The ISSPDS began in 2018 in Shanghai China. The second ISSPDS will be held in the world-famous city of Edinburgh.

Organized by:

The University of Edinburgh, UK

Co-organized by:

Tongji University, China

International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction (ICGdR)

UNESCO Chair on Geoenvironmental Disaster Reduction


Conference Themes

The subjects of interest relevant to seismic performance and design of slopes, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Uncertainty sources of seismic design of slopes

Uncertainty of seismic ground motions

Uncertainty of geotechnical parameters

Uncertainty of seismic design models, etc.

  • Dynamic behaviors of slope subjected to earthquake

Macroscopic and microcosmic behaviors of slope

Experimental study on the dynamic behaviors of slope

Numerical study on the dynamic behaviors of slope, etc.

  • Performance-based seismic design method of slopes

Theory of performance-based seismic design method

Principle of selecting seismic performance index

Methods to determine seismic performance standard, etc.

  • Prospect to the seismic design of slopes in future

Development strategy of seismic design method in future

Core concept of seismic design method in the future

Challenge of seismic design method in the future


For details of the symposium, please visit: 2nd ISSPDS.

  • Practice of seismic design in major slope project