Training course held | Remote Sensing of Glaciers (Prague, 20-24 Sept 2021)
Last Updated:2021/12/2 16:31:44

A successful training course was held at Charles University (Prague, Czechia) during this September under cooperation with the ICGdR. An international group of Ph.D. students from Czechia, Italy, India, and the United Kingdom was lectured and tutored by Dr. Tobias Bolch from the University of St. Andrews. The participants discussed key issues of current glaciological research: glacier-related hazards, climate change-driven loss of glacier mass, and application of SAR data in glaciology, to name a few. In the workshop section of the course, remote sensing-based methods of glacier mapping, glacier mass change assessment, as well as glacier lake inventorying were studied. In the final training stage, each participant carried out micro-research in a study area of their individual choice to practise the methods.


We would like to thank Dr. Jan Kropácek of the Charles University for organizing this training course and Dr. Tobias Bolch for new knowledge and practical skills we learned and for always knowing the answer to our inquisitive questions.



Source: Prof. Vít Vilímek, Prague, 30.11.2021