ICGdR Young Scientist Workshop on geological disasters control and risk reduction
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ICGdR Young Scientist Workshop on geological disasters control and risk reduction

—Towards geological disasters control and risk reduction

May 20-21, 2022

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

1. Background


With the continuous development of society, the disturbance of human activities to the environment is increasing, which result in more and more frequent geological disasters. Geological disaster including landslide, debris flow, land subsidence and so on (Fig.1), once induced, will pose immediate threats to lives of residents and lead to large socio-economic losses in the affected areas.


Fig.1 Common geological disasters (Source: Xinhua net)


In order to inspire the creativity of young scientists, gather diversified talents and coordinate their efforts in promoting geo-disaster reduction for the benefit of human society and the natural environment, the ICGdR Youth Scientist Workshop on geological disasters control and risk reduction will be hosted in Beijing, China during 20-21 May 2022. The workshop will be focusing on the theme of “Towards geological disasters control and risk reduction”, with the aim to provide a platform where youth scientists can present their work and discuss their ideas in the field of geological disasters control and mitigation.

For the sake of better realizing the collision of ideas and views, this workshop has arranged free discussion after each session. Additionally, the uninvited presenters are encouraged to share their research ideas and achievements with a 3 minutes flash talk.


2. Workshop Theme and topics



Towards geological disasters control and risk reduction


  1. Monitoring and early warning
  2. Geological disasters mechanism
  3. Big data and artificial intelligence
  4. High-Performance computing & simulation
  5. Risk assessment and management
  6. Disaster reduction and mitigation


Session 1: Formation and evolution mechanism of geological disasters

Session 2: Monitoring and early warning methods of geological disasters

Session 3: Risk assessment and geological disasters control


3. Scale, Date and Venue



The number of on-site participants will be limited to 60. When we get applications more than this limit, we will decide in order of registration (at the end of this page). “First come, first served” principle will be applied.

Due to the Covid-related restrictions by local government, the workshop aims to provide an on-site experience, while at the same time introducing virtual attendees through Zoom meeting.

Registration fee

On-site participants: 1000 (RMB)

Online participants: Free


May 20-21, 2022

Registration: May 20, 2022

Workshop: May 21, 2022


Digital Hall, Sediment Laboratory, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


4. Organizers



International Consortium on Geo-disaster Reduction (ICGdR)

Tsinghua University, China



Chengdu University of Technology, China

Tongji University, China;

Nanjing University, China;

National Institute of Natural Hazards, China;

Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia;

Southwest Jiaotong University, China;

Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic;

Chang’an University, China;

University of Florence, Italy;

China Earthquake Administration;

Ocean University of China;

China University of Geosciences (Wuhan);

Kanazawa University, Japan;

Shandong University of Science and Technology, China;

Institute of Mountain Hazard and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China;

Wuhan University, China


Advisory Committee


Fawu Wang

Vice chair:

Runqiu Huang, Manchao He, Jianbing Peng, Peng Cui, Sijing Wang, Huiming Tang, Masakatsu Miyajima, Xinjian Shan, Weilin Xu, Bin Shi, Yueping Yin, Faquan Wu, Shengwen Qi, Hengxing Lan, Sandro Moretti, Scott F. Burns


Academic Committee


Xuanmei Fan

Vice chair:

Chaosheng Tang, Yonggui Chen, Chong Xu, Qiong Wang, Xiaolei Liu, Veronica Tofani, Changdong Li


Organizing Committee


Yifei Cui

Vice chair:

Wenjie Xu, Xiaoli Liu


Chong Xu, Faris Fikri, Hufeng Yang, Jan Kropacek, Kai Gu, Manita Timilsina, Ping Li (Chang’an-U), Qiong Wang, Veronica Tofani, Wenhao Qi, Xiaolei Liu, Yufeng Wang, Yuko Serikawa, Changsheng Wang, Chaojun Ouyang, Zijun Cao, Wei Hu

Secretariat member

Lei Zhang, Jiayan Nie


5. Workshop agenda





20 May




21 May



Opening ceremony


Keynote lecture


Session 1: Formation and evolution mechanism of geological disasters






Session 2: Monitoring and early warning methods of geological disasters




Session 3: Risk assessment and geological disasters control




Closing Remarks



6. Accommodation


The Xijiao Hotel is the recommended hotel for this Workshop.


18 Wangzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China


7. Preliminary registration


The preliminary registration can be made by directly sending email to:

Dr. Yifei Cui



Dr. Lei Zhang



Information includes:

Title: Registration of ICGdR Young Scientist Workshop 2022

Content: Name and affiliation

If participant would like to give a formal presentation, please provide the presentation title, abstract, Session number (1, 2, or 3) and the speaker’s brief resume, the Academic Committee will then evaluate and select the presentation based on the provided information during the workshop preparation meeting. The speakers will then be informed by email once selected.